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A Few Things to Remember if You’ve Been Injured on the Job

A work related injury does not only affect you physically, it also also has a financial and emotional impact on you and your family. After you are hurt on the job, there are many people available to help you decide whether you can return to work and if so, what kind of work you will be able to do. If you are hurt while on the job it is important to keep in close contact with your physician, employer, and your lawyer; it is also important for these people to keep in close contact with each other throughout the process so that you can get the utmost care for your injury and make a plan for the future.

To aid in this communication be sure to consider the following questions after your work injury.

What to Ask Your Employer

Q: Do I have a choice of doctors if I’m injured at work?

A: An employer is required to provide medical, surgical, hospital, and other treatment, including medical and surgical supplies as reasonably may be required. However, they may require you to see a physician of their choice, which is why it is necessary to ask this question before choosing to go see your own doctor about your injury.

Q: Did you report my injury to your insurer?

A: Ask your employer if they have reported the injury to their insurance carrier. Although it is their duty, many employers are not aware of this duty and your preparation will help speed up the process of having your claim settled.

What to Ask Your Doctor

Q: Can I return to work, and if so what work can I do?

A: After visiting your physician, he or she will make a report on your medical condition and the type of work you are able to do while recovering. However, many times your doctor does not quite understand the specific type of jobs that you had to do before your injury occurred, which is why it is very important to communicate that along with the other kinds of work that your employer could assign to you.

Q: Will I ever fully recover?

A: When you believe you have suffered an ongoing and permanent disability that makes you unable to continue your existing type of work, or completely unable to work at all, it is important for your physician to make a report determining whether you can return to the same job or working conditions that you had before you were injured. The answer to this question can greatly affect your case and the amount you should be entitled to collect over your lifetime.

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