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Are You in a Dispute with the Insurance Company?

Disputes with your insurance company can arise for a variety of reasons.  Understanding contracts of insurance can be difficult, and sometimes you may feel that the insurance company is not holding up their end of the bargain or supporting you as they should.  Feeling stuck and without recourse or bargaining power is never a good feeling.  However, there are options.

You Can Go It Alone

 First, and least advised, you can attempt to resolve disputes with your insurance company on your own.  Insurance companies are often very large, experienced, professional organizations.  Further, it is important to remember that they are, first and foremost, a business.  While they should put their customers first, the main concern of unscrupulous insurance companies is their “bottom line.”  They are in the business of providing insurance to make money, not advocate for their insureds.

You Can Seek Professional Help

Often, when dealing with complex issues (such as interpreting insurance contracts and knowing your rights) and large, powerful companies, seeking the advice of someone with knowledge and experience in the field is a wise decision.  The following provides a brief overview of just a few of the many benefits that seeking the help of a legal representative can provide.

1. Knowledge

Interpreting the dense language of an insurance contract can be difficult for most people.  However, a knowledgeable legal representative can greatly assist in helping you to understand such a complex (and lengthy) document.  Having the knowledge of how to read and understand contracts is often the first step in understanding how to resolve your potential dispute with your insurer.  Further, a knowledgeable legal representative understands not only how to interpret the contract, but also the many nuances of the law which are often independent of the contract itself and developed by case law and legislation.  That knowledge can help you to protect your rights, which you may not even know you have!

2. Experience 

An experienced legal representative, particularly one with personal injury law experience, is very familiar with handling disputes which arise between an insured and their insurance company.  Importantly, as with most aspects of life, experience has value.  Someone who has done something many times before is a great resource.  An experienced legal representative is just that, a great resource who can put their experience to work for you in order to resolve your potential dispute with your insurance company.

3. They Are On Your Side

An experienced and knowledgeable legal representative is often obtained for one reason: to help YOU.  Unlike the insurance company you may find yourself in a dispute with, an attorney will be focused solely on your issue, helping you, and doing whatever can be done to reach a favorable conclusion for YOU.

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