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Does My Injury Qualify as a “Personal Injury” Case?

There are a wide variety of injuries or events that qualify for a personal injury case. While the only way to be sure that you have interests requiring legal protection is to contact a qualified personal injury attorney (call us today at 843-248-2405 for a free case evaluation), there are a two basic questions which may help you determine if you’re situation or injury qualifies for a personal injury case.

Are You Injured?

A personal injury case often arises when a physical injury is sustained. Physical injuries can arise in a range of situations, including:

  • Animal bites
  • Bicycle or pedestrian accidents
  • Boat accidents
  • Car or truck accidents
  • Medical mistakes
  • Slip-and-falls
  • Work accidents
  • And many more…

However, an “injury” does not always have to be physical in nature and take a variety of forms, including:

  • Aggravation of a preexisting injury or condition
  • Mental anguish and pain and suffering derived from a traumatic situation
  • Under certain circumstances, compensation may also be deserved if prompt and reasonable medical assistance was sought, even if there has been no diagnosed injury

Was It the Result of the Wrongdoing of Another?

For an injury (of any kind) to qualify as a personal injury case, there often must be a wrongdoer, or someone who is at fault for the injury that you sustained. Many actions (or even a lack of an action where one is due) can result in a personal injury case.

Those actions are often some form of:

  • Carelessness
  • Recklessness
  • Negligence
  • Intentional acts by a third-party (such as an individual or property owner)

If you were a victim of an injury due to the action (or inaction) of another, you should seek legal counsel immediately (can call us today at 843-248-2405 for a free case evaluation).

Personal Injury Cases can be the Result of Negligence

Injuries that qualify as a personal injury case are often (but not always) the result of what is termed “negligent behavior”.

Negligence is the legal cause of action when the following elements are met:

  1. The accused had a duty to act reasonably
  2. They have breached (or failed) that duty
  3. That breach of the duty caused an injury or damage

For example, let’s say you have been injured in a car accident or slipped while on someone else’s property. You may have a personal injury case because drivers and property owners have a duty to reasonably/lawfully operate their vehicle, or maintain their property. Their failure to do so, which resulted in your injuries or need for medical treatment, could mean that you have rights which need protection.

Contact Us to Find Out

While this is hopefully helpful in determining if your injury qualifies for a personal injury case, contacting us here at Rankin & Rankin for a FREE CASE EVALUATION is the best way to be sure. We would love to discuss your potential case and the possibility of using our expertise to protect your rights and interests. Schedule your free case evaluation today by calling 843-248-2405 or by filling out the form below. You can also read more about our firm’s approach to personal injury defense here.

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