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I Was Injured at Work, Now I Can’t Pay My Medical Bills

There is not a much scarier feeling than realizing you have been injured while on the job, especially if it’s a serious injury.  However, the massive pile of medical bills which can arise from attending to that injury can be just as scary.  You may find yourself wondering, “How can I possibly afford this?”

Fortunately, in many situations there are ways to obtain the compensation you deserve to not only take care of those medical bills but to also compensate you for other expenses (such as mileage), lost wages, and perhaps even for the pain and suffering you endured.  Depending on each unique situation, you may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim, personal injury suit, or both.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation laws are designed to protect employees from precisely the scenario mentioned above, where they are legitimately hurt (regardless of fault) on the job and facing the anxiety provoking situation of wondering how they can possibly afford the treatment they need.  Further, workers’ compensation laws are specifically designed to ensure that an employee is able to obtain the medical treatment necessary to treat their injury and lessen any potential disability.

What Can Workers’ Compensation Cover?

Medical Treatment, such as:

  • Hospitalization
  • Surgery
  • Medical Supplies
  • Physical Therapy
  • Prosthetic Devices
  • Prescriptions

But . . . it is important to note that you can’t simply just go seek treatment anywhere and expect that treatment to be paid for by a workers’ compensation claim.  To receive medical benefits, such as those listed above, you must go the medical provider chosen by your employer (or your employer’s insurance representative).

Lost Wages and Other Expenses

Workers’ compensation may go even further than simply taking care of the daunting medical bills you may be forced to rack up.  In some situations, workers’ compensation may entitle an injured employee the right to receive compensation for the time they are forced to be away from work.  For instance, an injured employee that is unable to work for more than 7 days is entitled to compensation at the rate of approximately 2/3 of their average weekly wage (with other factors possibly influencing how that amount is calculated).  In addition, workers’ compensation may even entitle you to reimbursement for your travel expenses (mileage) going to and from the doctor or pharmacy (if the round trip distance is more than 10 miles).

Personal Injury Suit or Settlement

Workers’ compensation is not the only route available to obtain the compensation necessary to pay the medical bills which resulted as a result of your work related injury.  Depending on the facts of your particular case, it may be more advantageous to file a personal injury suit (perhaps even in addition to filing a workers’ compensation claim).

In short, if you are injured and it was the result of the wrongdoing of another, you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries directly from the wrongdoer or, as often is the case, their insurer.

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