How much will my insurance increase for a reckless driving ticket?

It is generally very hard to give an exact amount of a rate increase for a reckless driving ticket because there are so many variables.

An extremely overlooked aspect of a reckless driving violation is the effect an out-of-state conviction can have on your license and thus the points on it and your corresponding insurance rate. In South Carolina, reckless driving carries a 6-point increase on your license.  In many cases, an officer may tell you that no points will accrue if you simply pay your fine. This may be true in the state you are given a ticket in, but may have a devastating effect on your license in your home state.

You should go to a lawyer with these specific questions rather than relying on an officer for legal advice.  While they may correctly answer your question, they are not educated as a lawyer, and so it is why it is always advisable to consult with an attorney in this situation to be sure of the consequences in your home state.

What is the average amount that car insurance rates may increase from a reckless driving ticket?

Insurance companies raise premiums after a ticket based on the assumption that you are not the safest driver. The more infractions you have on your driving record, the more risky you are to insure.

Premiums vary from state to state, as well as from company to company. Car insurance rates are always subject to review when a policy is up for renewal and your driving record and/any points certainly play a role in the calculation of premiums. The best way to get a better idea about how your rates would be affected is to research a number of different companies and ask them what their policy is.  Otherwise, one thing is generally true, your premiums are going to increase much more after a reckless driving ticket as opposed to a speeding ticket or failing to stop at a stop sign.

How to avoid an increase?

First of all, most insurance companies give a “good-driver” discount which can save hundred of dollars in yearly insurance premiums. This discount is typically earned after 5 years of a clear driving record.  In South Carolina, points are taken off of your license 2 years after the violation has occurred.  However, insurance companies will only check your record when you apply for a policy and will not periodically recheck it.  Therefore, it is important to let your insurer know when a violation has been removed or when your driving record is clear so that you can be eligible for lower premiums.

The goal of resolving any traffic violation is to lessen the effects on your license, and to minimize any fines involved and the effects on your insurance payments. Talk to an attorney at Rankin & Rankin in Conway, South Carolina and get a free consultation to find out what we can do for you.

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