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Top Reasons Social Security Claims are Denied

You’ve probably heard all the unpleasant stories about how hard it is to get approved for Social Security Disability.  Many people who have life interfering illnesses can take years to get approved if at all, while others who could seemingly do without the aid get approved immediately.  Unfortunately, not everyone who applies for Social Security disability will be awarded benefits.  One of the general problems is that to the Social Security Administration, you’re just a number.  Getting approved for benefits is a naturally slow moving process due to the vast amount of cases the SSA handles.  If you are still not approved after waiting for what seems like an unreasonably long time, here are the top 5 reasons why you may be having trouble.

Failure to Provide Adequate Evidence

Failing to provide detailed medical records when you’re asked to do so by the Administration, could be the reason your claim is denied.  To receive benefits, it has to be shown that you are unable to work which is most commonly done through medical records indicating that you are disabled.

How do you avoid this pitfall? First of all, make sure everything is documented including the medications you’ve been taking, your doctor visits, any sort of counseling, and all your rehab or physical therapy appointments. When any of these health care professionals treat you or evaluation your condition, get copies of everything in writing to show proof of your need for disability benefits.

The claimant failed to follow treatment.

Failure to follow prescribed treatment, take prescribed medication, or undergo recommended surgery can be detrimental to your health and your social security claim.

The SSA may deny your claim for this reason if they prove that the treatment is one that’s clearly expected to restore your ability to do considerable income producing activity. Nonetheless, there are legitimate reasons for failing to follow prescribed treatment, such as not being able to afford to pay for your treatment.

Your disability is not severe enough.

The Administration requires that your disability “severe” and either last for 12 months or be potentially fatal. In many cases, the SSA will deny a claim, if it views it as a short-term rather than long-term disability. For example, if your receive a broken bone resulting from a car accident, your injury probably will not meet definition of “severe” because most bone fractures heal in less than a year.

Along that same line, the Social Security Administration will see if you’re able to perform a similar type of work, not just the same work you did in the past.  To answer this, it will assess things like your past work experience and education.

The social security disability lawyers at Rankin & Rankin in Conway, South Carolina are here to provide you with trusted, effective legal counsel. We’ll help you navigate the SSA rulings and ensure that your claims have the best chance of being granted.

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