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What To Do After A Speeding Ticket?

The first thing you should do after getting a speeding ticket is, try to relax. The second thing you should do is to contact an attorney who has experience with South Carolina’s court system to help you navigate this newfound situation. While getting a speeding ticket is never enjoyable or ideal, our respected and experienced team at Rankin & Rankin Law Firm is here to assist you through the process of handling traffic tickets and speeding tickets.

Why You Should Contact an Attorney about your Speeding Ticket

According to DMV.org, “With a lack of court experience and legal knowledge, most people are not qualified to put up a good fight against a traffic ticket.” On the other hand, a competent and experienced attorney is familiar with the formalities and procedures of the South Carolina Court system, specifically in regards to contesting speeding tickets. A qualified attorney will be able to assess your particular needs, help you understand and navigate the law, and guide you through the judicial process (call us today at 843-248-2405 for a free case evaluation).

The Dangers of Not Contacting an Attorney

Choosing to handle a speeding ticket on your own can result in negative and costly outcomes. For instance, a conviction resulting from a speeding ticket can result in fines, addition of points to your driving record, license suspension or revocation and increased auto insurance rates. Among the most detrimental consequences of not contacting an attorney is the loss of valuable information which a legal representative can supply. For instance, did you know that by deciding to simply pay (rather than contest) your speeding ticket you are pleading “guilty” to the charges? Besides the financial considerations, a speeding ticket conviction can result in the loss of your driving privileges. An uncontested speeding ticket will likely add points to your driving record and accumulating at least 12 points will result in a suspension of your license.

The Benefits of Contacting an Attorney

Many people seek out legal representation to contest speeding tickets in order to obtain a more favorable outcome than simply, paying the fine and pleading “guilty”.

Attorney Luke Rankin, of Rankin & Rankin Law Firm, can assist you in the following ways:

  • Preparing your case to contest the speeding or traffic ticket
  • Acting as your representative and advocate in the courtroom
  • Negotiating plea agreements
  • Appealing “guilty” verdicts
  • Give you peace of mind by navigating the South Carolina court system

Most importantly, successful representation resulting with a finding of not guilty will result in no penalties![1]

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[1] Attorney’s fees and/or court costs will be applicable for representation.

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