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The Person That Hit My Car Wants to Settle Out of Pocket Without the Insurance Company

So, while you were driving, someone just hit your car. Great! Your first thought after such a

scenario is probably – “What just happened?” which is quickly followed by “Am I O.K.?” “Are

they O.K.?” After the initial confusion, the next emotion is probably frustration, even anger.

“How am I going to deal with this?” you may ask. As it turns out, the person that hit you wants

to deal with their mistake by not involving your respective insurance companies and simply

paying you some amount of money to settle the matter. What should you do?

Unless the person is offering you a million dollars in cash for a simple fender-bender (which

should already raise red flags and is probably ill advised in and of itself), it is always advisable to

seek legal representation, such as can be provided by Rankin & Rankin Law Firm, in order to

protect you rights. At the least, an attorney will be able to educate you as to your options (and

perhaps obligations) in order for you to make the most informed decision.

Benefits of Not Accepting Out of Pocket Settlement Offers

 You will have a party that can surely pay, the appropriate insurance company.

You probably have no idea who or what kind of person the individual that caused the accident is.

On the flip side, insurance companies are highly regulated and, in particular circumstances, are

required by law to pay certain benefits and perform certain duties. An experienced attorney will

be able to further explain these circumstances, benefits, and duties.

 You will be availed of the benefits offered by your respective insurance policies.

Your insurance, if you have opted for the coverage, can provide you with no-fault medical

coverage, commonly referred to as PIP (personal injury protection) or Medpay. Their insurance

can provide you with payments to cover your property damage, medical bills, lost wages, and

pain and suffering.


Potential Dangers of Accepting Out of Pocket Settlement Offers

 You probably won’t know the full extent of your damages until much later.

The future consequences of your traffic accident probably won’t be readily apparent. For

instance, you won’t know how damaged your vehicle is until thorough inspection. More

importantly, the effects of your injuries, such as what they are and how much they will cost to

fix, won’t be fully realized until your treatment is complete. Further, waiting for an extended

period before finally deciding to file a claim can affect your recovery.

 Agreements to settle legal matters are often final.

You should always obtain legal advice before such a serious and potentially final decision, such

as to settle a property or personal injury claim out of pocket and forfeiting your potential rights.

You might wish you had made a different decision later on.

 The person could try to swindle you, or even stiff you without paying anything!

Someone who has caused you any form of damage (whether property or bodily injury) and is

trying to settle out of pocket is most likely doing so because it is in their best interest, not

necessarily yours.


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