Auto Accident Attorney Conway SC

Have you been injured as a result of an automobile or other vehicle wreck? Contact the Law Offices of Rankin and Rankin to get the representation you deserve.

Motor Vehicle Collisions and Auto Injury Attorney Conway, SC

Often times, collisions catch you by surprise and have an unexpected ripple effect out to other areas of your life.   After an automotive injury it is easy to become confused by what steps are necessary to take to get things back on track. At Rankin & Rankin, P.A. we have handled all types of collisions. We have had years of experience in guiding our clients through the maze of recovery for injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages, and acquiring financial compensation for these things. We are in the business of caring about our neighbors, and in helping them to recover all that is due them in these instances. Let us fight for you. Contact us today at 843-438-1305 for your free consultation.

We feel confident that we can successfully represent your interests, and get you the maximum allowable compensation for your loss. We take great pride in representing only injured parties. There are many things insurance companies will do in an attempt to minimize what is paid out to you for your injuries. We choose never to represent insurance companies in these cases. We pursue each case, large or small, understanding that the most important issue for you is expert guidance and experienced representation.

Let us expertly represent you in any of the following:

  • Automobile and Truck Collisions
  • Boating Collisions
  • Motorcycle Collisions
  • Single-Car Wrecks
  • Pedestrian or Bicycle/Vehicle Collisions
  • Construction Zone Collisions
  • Tractor-Trailer/Commercial Truck Collisions
  • Negligent Entrustment
  • Collisions Involving Municipal/State Vehicles

Call us today and let Rankin & Rankin, P.A. make sure your rights are vigorously upheld and you are not taken advantage of by the insurance company, whose primary job is to deny or minimize claims. For more information regarding collisions, click on our 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Collisions.